NAMI Affiliate President James Allegretto strongly advocates for the power of positive mental health, and its influence on your daily life. “Everybody has mental health,” he explains, “but it isn’t like what most people think it is.” Mental health is not a static, unchanging state of mind. It constantly changes throughout the day, shifting with your surroundings and circumstances. If you trip and fall down the stairs, your mental health will get worse. If you eat a tasty meal, your mental health will improve. The problem that NAMI looks to address is that people with mental illnesses tend to take longer to recover from mental health setbacks, and need support to start properly recovering in the first place.

Have you ever wanted to pick up an instrument? Learning the strings can be a real challenge, especially for beginners. Maybe you’ve even tried in the past, but just couldn’t get the hang of it. Regardless of your background in music, Kyle Foster is here for you. With experience working with students from age 7 to 70, Foster is passionate about teaching, music, and teaching music.

This passion is evident throughout her history in serving others. When we met with Mrs. Partridge, she shared her history of serving patients in long-term care facilities, clinics, and hospitals; finding passion in being able to care for people when they need it most. This includes volunteering at a free clinic, making sure people in need still get the best care that they deserve. In regards to the patients that visit her clinic, Mrs. Partridge partners with services in the community to make sure that the patients are aware of services available to them, and that no need goes unmet.

This asset in the heart of Yanceyville although started as an entrepreneurial incubator, has truly become the place to be in Yanceyville.   As the workplace has evolved with the pandemic allowing many to work from home, Caswell County has been a desirable location for many families relocating a more calm and serene rural life.  CoSquare provides a place for the professional that are moving here, to have it all. 

The upcoming event promises to have something for everyone.  There are over 120 vendors signed up with a wide variety of food, fun and opportunities for community fellowship.

The artisan/crafter area will be up and down Main Street and around Court Square.  This year there are numerous crafters displaying their wares from our area but a considerable number from outside the region that are excited to be here for the event.  Interspersed among the crafters will be small commercial businesses and individuals.  Our local area credit unions, ACE Home & Building Center, Bucks & Bass and The Flying Disc Company are among those. 

There were offerings like plants and terrariums, hand-made crocheted items, nail painting services, art items and baked goods. And to top the actual youth market, each young person was asked to go up on stage and provide a quickone-to-two-minute commercial about their offerings so the audience would know that they had to sell.The adults at the event were very impressed at the courage these young people had getting up on the stage and speaking so well to the crowd.

Nothing is more exciting to a chamber director than learning of local talent that has been out of the area for a while and has chosen to return back to Caswell in order to better the community, be closer to family, and experience the quieter rural lifestyle we who live here all enjoy.

Despite last week being one of storms and rain, the annual Caswell County Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament made it off without out a hitch. Late in the afternoon, the sun peaked out and beautiful blue skies ended the day. The Caswell Pines Golf Club hosted the event last Thursday, May 26. With the venue under new management, the golfers enjoyed being able to use brand new golf carts and take a peak at the newly refurbished grill room.

Growing up here in Caswell County, Irvin went to Bartlett Yancey and then went on to graduate from NC State.  His father was already in the insurance business and upon graduation form college, he encouraged Irvin to come and work a bit until he figured out what he was ‘really’ going to do with his career.

On a spring Tuesday, April 5, 2022, there will be a gathering at the Thomas Day House Museum in Milton and all are invited.  The businesses and organization there have gotten together along with the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce to organize a complimentary breakfast for the community. 

How often do we see quotes on motivation, leadership, encouragement, and inspiration?  If you are online, chances are you run across these daily.  A positive message like that can change the trajectory of your day and leave you wanting to make a positive difference in the world. 

For some time now there has been an interest in the community to have some type of a spring festival for the community.  This April 22 that is coming to life.  On Friday, April 22, Earth Day, a group of community organizations are coordinating the first Caswell Earth Day Kids Festival.  The week prior, the children will be out of school for Easter/Spring break and this year, there will be some exciting activities that they may enjoy experiencing.

As the baby boomers continue to age and need care in the final years, there is a greater demand for care for our elders.  Thankfully not all need to be in a nursing home and many desire to remain at home but need some additional assistance during the day to help with day-to-day activities. According to, approximately 30% of older adults receive caregiving for health or reasons such as household chores or transportation, and adult children were the largest group of caregivers.