On a Sunday afternoon, an appointment was made by Sista’s Touch Salon owner, Pennie Allen, me and two of Pennie’s newest team members, Anisha Hollway and Jazmere Mims.  The purpose of the meeting was to visit with these two new graduates from Piedmont Community College having recently completed their cosmetology program certificates to interview for this short article. It was a great way to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon as these two young professionals left me with a very positive outlook on the youth in our community.  

I’s all about Caswell’ said Lori Wilson, also known as the Tooth Fairy in Disguise.  It is always fun to run into people that are excited about Caswell County and shining a positive light on the community.  And a bright light it is. Maybe you have heard about or seen the Caswell County tooth fairy lady around from time to time.

Daniel Crisson began his career in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) industry working for a company in Burlington, NC.  For several years, Daniel continued to have more and more requests from the community for assistance with various challenges with HVAC systems especially in modular and mobile home systems.  After work and on the weekends, he would assist people in the area with their air and heating issues.  Daniel began to think that he could probably start his own service and specialize in the modular and mobile home niche. 

Did you know that one third of the farmers in the United States today are women? Here in North Carolina the fastest growing group of farmers are female.

The National Women in Agriculture Association is a national network with the mission to save lives and eliminate poverty by increasing the availability of fresh, locally grown foods while expanding economic opportunities.

When you buy local, you are making a decision that will have far-reaching advantages in your community. Supporting local businesses, helps to support your local economy. Significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned – rather than nationally owned – businesses.

Over the past year our community like all others, has been through some challenging times with the initial pandemic and now a second wave that has almost surprised us all and forced itself once again into our daily lives.  Perseverance is one of the words that comes to mind when I think of our community and many of the situations, we find ourselves in these days.

Occasionally people say, ‘What about having competing businesses in the Chamber? Why should I join if my competitor is a member?' As in sports and nature, competition helps to make businesses stronger and better than they would be without it. For consumers, competition provides pricing, quality, and service options. For businesses it offers the opportunity to be better and continuously improve

This question comes up quite often. According to Merriam-Webster, a chamber of commerce is an association, primarily of people in business, to promote the business activity and commercial interests of the area while representing chamber members.

Preserving the Past and Embracing the Future...It goes without saying that our community, like many rural areas in the south, has experienced a past with happiness and sadness, good and bad and joy and sorrow.  How do we preserve the past in a way that we as a human race, can study, gain through wisdom and cultural change, accept innovations, yet still experience a sense of connection to our past that we can learn from and appreciate? 


“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots — but you have to play the ball where it lies.” Bobby Jones 

Although an amateur golfer, Bobby Jones helped design the Augusta National Golf Club and co-founded the Masters Tournament.  His famous quote addresses the parallels of golf and life. Whether you are a golfer or not, you may find several character traits that are required for a life of success are also evident and fine-tuned as one pursues the game of golf.    

Chances are if you go to Danville from Yanceyville often, you have seen the perfectly placed nursery business right before the state line. The Wests, Michelle and Henry run The Wooden Ladder Farm & Garden located there. Michelle will enthusiastically share her love for her work if you have a few minutes to spare when you stop in.

The Caswell Farmers’ Market will cut the ribbon on its 8th season Thursday, April 22 at 4:00pm!  Sixteen returning and five new vendors have already committed to sell this year with more certain to join. Most of the vendors are your neighbors here in Caswell Co., and all grow or make their product within 75 miles of the market.

Do you ever think that what you are doing in your life doesn’t really matter?  Or wonder if one person’s work can really make a difference? We often think of someone like the character of George Bailey in the Christmas movie classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to be reminded of the impact just one person has on a community.

 Pizza is all about the cheese for me so I always ask for extra.  But I was calling Aunt Millie’s Pizza Subs and Suds and if you are not familiar with them…well let’s just say, they ‘own it’ when it comes to cheese on your pizza.