Across the Life Span

If the beautiful mural across the side of the building doesn’t grab your attention, learning more about Tanillya Partridge certainly will. Mrs. Partridge, PMHNP-BC,FNP-C,CDP owns and operates Across The Life Span located at 293 Main Street in Yanceyville.


A Roxboro native, Mrs. Partridge is familiar with our area and the many challenges that come with living and working in more rural communities. This knowledge, however, provides a unique insight into how to best serve the Caswell community. Her office has a wide variety of services to offer, including primary care, geriatric care, substance abuse treatment, and dementia care. Mrs. Partridge prides herself in being able to help people in all situations, and through every situation “Across the Life Span.”


This passion is evident throughout her history in serving others. When we met with Mrs. Partridge, she shared her history of serving patients in long-term care facilities, clinics, and hospitals; finding passion in being able to care for people when they need it most. This includes volunteering at a free clinic, making sure people in need still get the best care that they deserve. In regards to the patients that visit her clinic, Mrs. Partridge partners with services in the community to make sure that the patients are aware of services available to them, and that no need goes unmet.


In current times, mental health has really been at the forefront, with people becoming more aware of the effects depression, anxiety, and mental health disorders can have on folks. Across The Life Span offers several programs in mental health work, including anxiety, depression and PTSD. In sharing a bit more about her personal life, Mrs. Partridge shared about her own experience in being a part of a group like this when she experienced the loss of her son, Aviyon, when he was just 12 years old. She credits her faith in helping her overcome, and see the light and impact that her son’s legacy can carry.


When she is not busy committing herself 100% to her patients care and needs, Mrs. Partridge commits her time to her nonprofit, Aviyon’s Athletic Foundation. Named after her son, this nonprofit strives to “build the athletic skills of all youth, develop essential life skills, and advocate for prevention and change.” Her goal is to have a sportsplex built in his honor, to serve as a space for youth to come together, play together, and learn skills that will help them grow throughout their lives.


To learn more about Mrs. Tanillya Partridge and the services offered at Across the Life Span, you can contact them at 336-694-1924, or visit their website


As published in The Caswell Messenger December 21, 2022