Living the Dream

Even though Irvin Dailey did not grow up dreaming of being an insurance guy for his career choice, it has not turned out to be a bad way to live the American dream.


Growing up here in Caswell County, Irvin went to Bartlett Yancey and then went on to graduate from NC State.  His father was already in the insurance business and upon graduation form college, he encouraged Irvin to come and work a bit until he figured out what he was ‘really’ going to do with his career.


Fast forward twenty years or so, and now Irvin is the agency owner and is a fixture in the Caswell County business community.  Irvin shared his primary goal in the business is to help the local people in the county.  He understands how valuable the things his friends and neighbor work for are in their lives.  Helping people protect the most valuable possessions in a cost-effective way winds up being a really honorable way to ‘live the dream’. Irvin stated that insurance is not something people get excited about, but everyone needs it, and his philosophy is to make the interaction with his customers the best possible experience it can be. Paying for insurance dealing with claims can be very stressful and their goal is to make it more bearable.


The agency began back in 1984.  In 1997 they expanded to Reidsville.  At this time, they employ ten people in the office.  The work environment is very family oriented. The team strives to have a family atmosphere and take care of one another.  As a result, they do not have a lot of turnovers which is so important to businesses today since it is such a challenge to recruit employees.   The team there has gotten to know their customers well and it is commonplace to visit with them about their families and what is going on in their lives.  Treating others, the way you yourself want to be treated is the overall philosophy.


The organization has a strong footprint in the community.  Over the years they have supported various 4-H groups, local sports teams as well as other organizations across the county.  ‘Nothing is better than being out and about in the community and seeing a customer in the grocery store, gas station or over at Rio Grande Restaurant’, Irvin says.


It is businesses like this that help build the fabric of not only our business community, but our community overall.  Of course the big insurance guys out there have commercials on tv and online, but if you really want to receive individual attention and not feel like a number, support the local business community.  It not only provides a more pleasant buying experience, it also helps contributes to keep the money in Caswell which benefits the community overall. And after all, living the dream is much sweeter when you bring others along with you.


As published in The Caswell Messenger April 2022