Success is not a Condition but a Decision



How often do we see quotes on motivation, leadership, encouragement, and inspiration?  If you are online, chances are you run across these daily.  A positive message like that can change the trajectory of your day and leave you wanting to make a positive difference in the world. 


At Carolina Enhancement Services, a local Chamber member, right here in Yanceyville, their mission includes the title statement from above.  ‘It is our belief that success is not a condition but a decision.’ Presently, the organization provides vocational employment services, community living services, peer support services, individual support services and respite services.


In addition, the mission at Carolina Enhancement Services says, ‘We are dedicated to helping individuals and families affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance use in achieving their full potential to live, work, and grow in the community.


Living in our rural community, chances are you have a family member, friend, or acquaintance that has one of the above challenges.  The human condition is not always one of positive and happy situations and fortunately there are organizations like Carolina Enhancement Services to help individuals through the challenges.


Developed out of need in 2013, Carolina Enhancement was formed.  Prior to that, the community rehabilitation program that offered vocational employment services in Caswell County was discontinued.  To get started, the usual paperwork had to be filed with the state as well as state assessments had to be done. All types of forms and policies had to be created.  Once completed, the state awarded a Vocational Employment Services contract to work in Caswell, Rockingham, and Alamance Counties. 


The people served come from various referral sources. Cynthia Claiborne, an experienced professional in vocational employment and working here in Caswell for the organization shared, “Finding a job can be a challenge, regardless of job availability.  Even in times when there are lots of jobs available, navigating through the online applications, filling out applications in person, waiting for a response, not getting to speak with the correct person is a process and can be a challenge”.  But if you have any kind of challenge in your life, finding work can be even harder. The Carolina Enhancement team can attend an interview to provide moral support for an individual.  Their work even includes a team member attending the first few days of work to build a strong foundation and to develop an understanding of the individual’s work responsibilities.  


With opportunities provided from places like Carolina Enhancement Services, it is clear to see why they believe that ‘success is not a condition but a decision’. There are so many different opportunities and services in our community all positioned to help everyone find their way. When you take a closer look, it is truly amazing the intricacies of the overall business community here.


Thank you to Caswell and surrounding area businesses that support and hire individuals seeking employment through Carolina Enhancement.  The Chamber and Carolina Enhancement Services look forward to a continued partnership as well as developing additional business partners. As published in The Caswell Messenger April 2022