There is a small business in Yanceyville that has positively impacted many of our lives.  Helping us to look and feel more confident, polished, professional and even more pretty or handsome.



Here in Caswell County is a group of successful businessmen that have retired from their ‘real jobs’ and are now involved in farming...but not your typical row crop type of farming.  These individuals had connections with farms in Caswell and have returned here to farm the land and to build an organization to help out others that may be just getting their start with living off the land.



Maybe you are a fan of country music, maybe not.  Having grown up in this agriculture-based county, it was a part of life here, and being familiar with the music, it does often seem that it parallels our lives. 



In order to differentiate your farm from the nearly two million others, leveraging technology is a must.   In the current world of technology that we live, it is important to think about how you might begin to market your farm.



Lately there has been a term used repeatedly in the farming community across North Carolina… agritourism.  So just what is this?



Did you know you can enjoy a free “farm to fork” community meal here in Caswell county every month? The Caswell County Local Foods Council (CCLFC) serves lunch the 2 nd Wednesday of every month, 11:30
to 1:30, in the kitchen (basement) of Agriculture Extension Building, 126 Court Square, Yanceyville, NC. CCLFC supports local food growers, a local food economy, eating well and healthy community.