Cultivating Prosperity and Climbing the Career (Wooden) Ladder

Cultivating Prosperity and Climbing the (Wooden) Ladder to Success


Next in the series of articles highlighting the members of the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce is a look at The Wooden Ladder and West Landscaping in Providence, NC. If you would like your organization to be highlighted in an article, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and you can be scheduled. Thank you to The Caswell Messenger for their partnership in allowing our members share an overview of the unique organizations that make up Caswell County.


Chances are if you go to Danville from Yanceyville often, you have seen the perfectly placed nursery business right before the state line. The Wests, Michelle and Henry run The Wooden Ladder Farm & Garden located there. Michelle will enthusiastically share her love for her work if you have a few minutes to spare when you stop in.


The business opened back in 2014. It was not possible to construct a shop right away and being the dedicated person she is, Michelle spent many hours in the hot sun and braving the elements to service customers. The perseverance paid off and the charming building containing numerous home and garden items as well as a wide selection of gift options was opened, just in time for 2020. The business had a banner year in 2020 due to so many of us stuck at home focusing on home and garden projects.


Michelle shared how the bug to open The Wooden Ladder came to be. When she started growing seeds it was exciting to watch them grow and Michelle experienced a feeling of accomplishment; nurturing a tiny seed to help it grow into a vibrant plant. Henry had always wanted a garden center and had mentioned that the best spot around would be that great location near the North Carolina- Virginia state line. For years they drove by the land and then one day a for sale sign went up. The Wests immediately called the realtor and eventually the lot became theirs.


While working a full-time job at Goodyear, Henry also operated a thriving landscaping business for over 20 years. Having completed his time at Goodyear, he is now able to expand the landscaping work and also offers options for The Wooden Ladder customers to purchase mulch in large quantities. It is a great marriage of their businesses that complement each other and also provides more options for customers that stop in.


Throughout the seasons you can find a wide selection of plants to make your yard more beautiful that include vegetable plants, azaleas and other small shrubs and all types of flowers. This year they have added seeds, Espoma organic fertilizers, potting soils/mulch in bags or bulk options and delivery available.  They also carry a wide variety of bird feeders and seed as well as flags and doormats.


Stop in for a visit at 11090 NC Hwy 86 N in Providence. The center is open Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and from 12 noon to five p.m. on Sunday.