Extra cheese please…are you sure?

That is what I heard the person on the other end of the phone say when I called to order a pizza for takeout.  Pizza is all about the cheese for me so I always ask for extra.  But I was calling Aunt Millie’s Pizza Subs and Suds and if you are not familiar with them…well let’s just say, they ‘own it’ when it comes to cheese on your pizza.

Next in the series of articles highlighting the members of the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce is a look at Aunt Millie’s Subs and Suds in Milton, NC. If you would like your organization to be highlighted in an article, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and you can be scheduled. Thank you to The Caswell Messenger for their partnership in allowing our members share an overview of the unique organizations that make up Caswell County. 

Gwen McGuire, the owner of Aunt Millie’s Pizza Subs and Suds in Milton, NC has been a staple in the town for nearly 20 years.  Originally from AltaVista, VA, Gwen worked her way through college at various restaurants where she realized the opportunity in the industry.  When she first began, Gwen made pizzas for lunch time for free and took them out around town to help build the brand. Pretty soon she was able to open for both lunch and dinner. And for the last 18 years Aunt Millie’s, with the amazing pizza including gobs of cheese (and famous banana splits) has been the place to eat if you are in this area. 

As a small business in Milton, Gwen employs numerous part time employees and from the looks of it when you are there, they are all working in sync to bring the pizzas to life. Aunt Millie’s is a true example of how a small business can contribute to a community.  With its length of time here in town, it has hired many young and hard working employees.  In its busiest seasons the employee count can be up to 15 and in slower times, it ranges around 9-10 team members.  The nature of the work lends itself to younger and transitional employees and over the years has provided countless folks with beginning work experiences, a place to work over the holidays and the opportunity to learn some basic soft skills that assist as the folks move on to other career options.

While working here, an employee has the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.  The guest book shares signatures from visitors from all over the United States, Italy and Germany.  In fact one visitor from Costa Rica has made an effort to return to Millie’s as they travel to VIR for events.  

The local and regional following from Roxboro, Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Danville all provide the restaurant a steady flow of patrons too.  And just last year, Aunt Millie’s Subs and Suds was recognized in THE TAR HEEL TRAVERLER'S GOOD EATS 101 Down-Home North Carolina Classics.  And back to the cheese…did you know there is over 1 lb to 1 1/2 lbs. of cheese on each pizza they make?  Whew!!  Makes me want a pizza now!