Caswell's Own Tooth Fairy

‘It’s all about Caswell’ said Lori Wilson, also known as the Tooth Fairy in Disguise.  It is always fun to run into people that are excited about Caswell County and shining a positive light on the community.  And a bright light it is. Maybe you have heard about or seen the Caswell County tooth fairy lady around from time to time.


On several occasions and I have had the opportunity to see the Tooth Fairy in action.  Once at a meet and greet, once at a pre-baseball game exhibit area and then at the Gunn Memorial Library where a large crowd of children and parents attentively listed to the presentation all about good dental health.  Who would have thought that such a sometimes ‘not so fun’ subject was welcomed by the children with laughs and giggles?  It sure would have been nice to have had someone like that talking about dental health when I was growing up as thoughts of going to the dentist and being fearful were pretty traumatic from what I remember.


At first glance, you may wonder, ‘what in the world?’ or ‘I could never do that’ or ‘wow that’s different’.  But when you visit with Lori more, you soon discover a heart full of love for kids, positivity for Caswell County and our rural roots and a desire to help others to shine their own lights. It is so rewarding to see someone that has discovered their truly unique niche in this world and that is going full speed ahead with that passion that no one can steal.  Lori is a Pediatric Dental Assistant by trade and for years she worked in a professional setting where she would provide children with their first encounters with dental health.  Now she is a true ambassador for our county, the children, the dental industry as well as quite an entertaining educational opportunity for kids and adults alike.


And the Tooth Fairy in Disguise really is about Caswell.  Lori has written a few books.  The first one was ‘The Tooth Fairy in Disguise’, the second one Kindergarten Graduation Smiles - The Adventures of the Tooth Fairy in Disguise ‘and the third, The Adventures of the Tooth Fairy in Disguise, Meet Mr. Richard’.  A fourth one is now on the way.  After years of exploring and wanting to bring her pediatric dental assistant career to life in a different way, Lori investigated the process for writing a book by attending a course at the Gunn Memorial Library lead by Wayne Drumheller who worked with Lori to publish the first book.  That experience gave her the courage to talk a step forward and to make good on a wish her late mother had for her, to publish a book.


The illustrations in her books are all connected to Caswell as well.  The first book was illustrated by Hannah Thompson, local Bartlett Yancey graduate and softball star and now college athlete. Hannah’s work brought the books to life in vibrant color with her imaginative illustrations.  Sharon Tatum was called upon for the two most recent books.  Sharon brought Mr. Richard to the readers with an ingenious and fresh approach with her drawings.  Others contributed to the effort as well.  Caswell native and local educator, Lisa Wilson, was extremely instrumental in getting the third book into print.   Lori is quick to share that it is truly a group effort and that the credit for the books’ success goes to a group of dedicated Caswell folks.


The reach of the Tooth Fairy has extended beyond Caswell.  In fact, you may have seen Lori on ‘Roy’s Folks” on FOX8.  She has also been recognized as the 2019 Alamance Community College Distinguished Alumni and also was listed as a ’Remarkable Woman of the Triad. Pretty impressive for a tooth fairy, don’t you think?


The Tooth Fairy in Disguise is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and has been a valuable member to assist with our functions and promotion the work of the Chamber.  We are honored to have such a great performer in our county that not only provides a positive slant on something to make our children’s lives better, but also gives us the chance to be proud of one of our local citizens!  The talents in this county never cease to amaze me and when you see people discover their unique niche that can help them fill their life purpose while assisting others, what better joy is there?


The Tooth Fairy in Disguise is available for presentations and book readings.  Email her at for customized programs and package details.


As published in The Caswell Messenger January 12, 2022.