Windows of Love….

Celebrating National Nurses Week/National Nursing Home Week and the Staff at the Brian Center.

In the midst of the unsettling events with COVID-19 and all the stress upon us all, there remains a ray of hope, love and commitment at the Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation Center.  In the aviary room of the facility, there is a gathering of small birds in a cage and a large window overlooking the courtyard.  Here, the residents can gather by the window and members of a resident’s family can come to ‘visit’ outside in the courtyard and connect on the phone to ‘chat’.  Nothing means more to residents there at the facility unless it is the quality of care they receive from the amazing staff there.

To celebrate the healthcare team, here are a few interesting facts that you may not be aware of.

Did you know?  There is an employee that drives way over an hour from Asheboro to work at the Brian Center.  Healthcare professionals are a dedicated group and we are honored to have someone be so committed to make that drive day in and out. Thank you, Ashley Snipes, LPN and Unit Manager for Life Engagement Unit.

Did you know?  This facility is one of a very few in the entire state that have a secured Life Engagement Unit for dementia patients.  There are residents of this unit that hail from all over the state and as far away as Wilmington.  

Did you know? The Director of Nursing, Teresa Edwards, is a Caswell County native and has been at the center for 4 years.

Did you know? The long-term residents at the Brian Center are able to get out and about (pre-COVID-19) on various outings with the Activities Director, Hasani Lee.  These individuals are able to attend Danville Braves games, go fishing at local ponds and attend movies at the theater.  They are looking forward to returning to some of these ventures again once the pandemic subsides.

Did you know? The Brian Center opened in 1987 and has been serving our community for 33 years. It is one of the largest employers in Caswell County.  With 115 employees, the facility operates 157 beds of skill nursing short-term and long-term care that span all ages.  

In recognition of National Nurses Week and National Nursing Home Week, we salute all the healthcare workers that are on the front lines servicing our community.  We would like to specifically highlight the following:

  • Nita Turner- Housekeeping Staff 30+ years
  • Lilly McBee- Dietary Staff 30+ years
  • Harold Honeycutt- Resident Care Specialist 28 years

A shout out from the facility as they would like to thank the Caswell Community's support. A special thank you to Pastor Jerry Wilson and the Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Association for providing lunch to the Brian Center staff on May 1st from Bojangles.

Social Service Manager, Caroline Markham, with over 20 years of experience in the field, has not only chosen the center as her employer once, but twice.  She is now on her third year of being back at the center leading the social services function.  As a Caswell resident, she is a true supporter of the County and represents the facility in various ways, including being the President of the Board of Directors of the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce. 

As featured in the Caswell Messenger May 13, 2020

Written by AC Hodges