A History of Compassion

You may have noticed that there is a different name circulating around town...Compassion Health Care.  It is actually the new umbrella name for Caswell’s own, Caswell Family Medical Center.  

Not only has the team at Caswell Family Medical Center been very busy working to provide quality health care services to our community but they have also been diligently building a medical practice for patients in neighboring Rockingham County at their Eden location, the James Austin Health Center.  It opened in 2019 and is celebrating its first year anniversary this month.   

It was important for the organization to maintain the recognition already established by the local names yet having an encompassing brand name was important too.  A conversation with the CFMC marketing contact, Ryan Millner, acknowledged that the process and attention to making sure the right name was chosen, took some time.  After much work and brainstorming, the new name of Compassion Health Care was agreed upon.  

In a recent October press release,  Thomas Thompson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, says that “the establishment of an identity under which all of our services can operate that can be meaningful to all those that know us is a critical step in ensuring that there is room for continued growth over the years to come.”  “Identifying ourselves as Compassion Health Care allows us to do the work we love across the organization in a way that, regardless of the site we work in, allows us to be a work family with a unified mission and vision that is able to be clearly communicated to our patients and community partners while at the same time increasing our accountability to be true to ‘compassion’ – one of our core values”, says William Crumpton, CEO.

The press release also shared that since 1978, Caswell Family Medical Center (CFMC) has worked to provide quality health care services to Caswell County, NC. Over time, the organization has responded to community need by tailoring services to address barriers that have prevented local residents from having access to critical services like primary care, urgent care, psychiatry and behavioral health. Through partnership with regional healthcare providers, CFMC provides onsite access to healthcare services like cardiology, nephrology, general surgery and mammography.  Last year, opening the facility in Eden, JAHC is providing a full range of primary care services to patients of all ages, as well as integrated behavioral health with a vision of expanding JAHC’s services over time to fill gaps in the existing health care delivery system.

This history represents a spirit that has always been the driving force behind the organization’s decision making: Compassion. To learn more, visit CompassionHealthcare.org. 

As published in The Caswell Messenger - December 30, 2020